Founder and CEO of Impressio: Artis Vālodze

Besides business management, Artis studied international business communication and marketing in the United States. He believes that you need to choose the type of work that truly gives you joy, as work takes up most of our lives. He has been working in the real estate business since 2012.

Why was Impressio created?

The company was in a different kind of business at first: it imported niche products from the United States. This did not work out due to the unfortunate economic crisis. But everything that happens is always for the best.
So, a while later, after assessing my interests and how to combine them with my business activities and daily work routine, I decided to go into the real estate business.

Why did you choose the real estate business in particular?

First, I’ve always been interested in architecture, I’ve enjoyed seeing it in real life, and in printed and digital media. I’ve always been focused on its importance and impact on people’s lives. We often don’t see iconic architectural landmarks in our daily work; however, they are and remain a new home for someone, a new office for a business, or production facilities. Realizing that I’m part of big real estate decisions of people and companies really motivates me to go to work every day effortlessly.

Second, it’s marketing that I’ve always been interested in during my studies and while gaining new knowledge on a daily basis. In fact, I believe that real estate brokerage companies are, in a sense, marketing companies, but with a narrower and more specialized focus. Marketing is a very dynamic field where everything is constantly changing. So, I’m convinced that clients who turn to professionals in the field that they need will definitely get the result faster.

Third, the choice of sales services in the real estate business was influenced to a large extent by my time in the United States where I experienced first-hand what a truly thought-out, high-quality, customer-focused service really means. And I felt that this is it, this is the kind of service we need to provide to the clients of the company. When I returned to Latvia and started dealing with real estate service providers, I had a clear idea of what was missing and what could be done better for the client to enjoy a hassle-free process.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished?

I’m never fully satisfied with what’s been done because I always see room for improvement. But, from a rationality standpoint of view, I’m generally satisfied.
We’ve managed to bring some innovation to the field, which improved the competitiveness of the industry and service quality on the whole.

What are the future goals of the company?

The current goal is to expand the team, so that the company could make more of a positive impact in the industry.
A real estate professional’s work with clients can be a time-consuming process, meaning that a limited number of clients can be serviced. That’s why it is important to expand the already strong and stable team of real estate professionals.

What are your favorite activities outside of work?

I always say that 80% of the work in the sales segment of the real estate business is with people, and only 20% with the properties themselves. So I end up investing a lot of my energy in people. As a result, the only thing that helps me recover that energy is to spend my free time out in the fresh air, in a peaceful environment close to nature where there’s fewer people. I really enjoy traveling. Traveling is the only time when I get to escape my daily routine, so I take every opportunity to go on a trip somewhere, spend time in a different environment and get to know a new culture. As for sports activities, I like tennis and hiking. Gaining and building knowledge on the many aspects of our profession takes a lot of my free time as well.

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