Management of real estate sales and acquisition processes

Management of real estate sales and acquisition processes is at the heart of Impressio’s portfolio of services. This is the core service that we specialize in the most and that makes up the bulk of our daily work.

Management of real estate sales processes

Management of sales processes means that we are ready to take over the process of selling your real estate and proceed with all the related, and necessary steps.
Cooperation usually begins after a free consultation with the client where all of the client’s needs and wishes are listed, and the scope of the tasks to be done is determined.
Having agreed on mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, we take a look at the property and, without any fees, determine what we consider to be the most appropriate sales price. We will give recommendations on improvements to be made to the property, if any, to avoid losing suitable buyers. We will take professional photos that best reflect your property. We will advertise the property in all of the most popular ad sites. In order to attract buyers, we will use requests from buyers of our company and those of our cooperation partners. An experienced real estate professional will take part in property presentations in order to manage the negotiation with all potential buyers. After attracting a particular buyer, we will manage the legal side of the deal, ensure supervision and provide consultations.
The aim of the cooperation is to sell the property for the most appropriate sales price in the shortest possible time.

Management of real estate acquisition processes

Management of acquisition processes means finding the property that meets the buyer’s wishes, and it involves overseeing, assisting with, and advising on the activities related to its acquisition.
Using the management service for the real estate acquisition process has several benefits. For example, the client may want to have a knowledgeable professional present, get his or her recommendations during the acquisition process in order to feel more certain and confident about the choices made and the steps to take in the real estate acquisition process. The service can also benefit clients who cannot find the property they want among those listed publicly: consulting with a real estate professional can help them find out about properties not listed publicly.
It can also be a time-saver if the client is unable to devote enough of his free time to the process, and is happy to share his wish list with a real estate professional and receive all available offers by email in order to avoid spending time searching for them on his own and to prevent any unwanted surprises when arriving at a property presentation.
Whatever the reason or combination of reasons, we are ready to listen to it and express our unbiased opinion based on many years of experience in the industry.

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