This is where a buyer and a seller, a tenant and a renter meet, in order to
sign agreement that is mutually most beneficial.

Impressio is a reliable company providing a full range of real estate services for both domestic and foreign clients.

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and a well-developed marketing action plan, we will quickly and efficiently find buyers/tenants for our clients, reducing the period during which the client does not earn from selling/renting his property.

Only specialists competent in their field work in the company, who love their work and have valuable work experience. Our experience and knowledge allows us to respect and protect the interests of our customers on a professional level.




Artis Vālodze Consultant What is Impressio?

Impressio is a boutique type company providing quality real estate sales services.

Why was Impressio created?

After assessing my interests and how to combine them with my business activities...
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Artis Vālodze
Evelīna Kudle
Evelīna Kudle Consultant What makes Impressio different from other companies?

We differ from other companies with the quality of our work, and our professional and individual approach. I’m proud of our company values.

Which segment do you specialize in?

Mainly, I specialize in the real estate buying and selling market.
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Santa Breikša Consultant

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Santa Breikša
Raivis Grigalis
Raivis Grigalis Consultant

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Biroja tālrunis Consultant

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Biroja tālrunis
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