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    Kas mēs esam?

    Impressio has been established combining the highest standards of real estate market: safety, 

    professionalism and elegance. Through providing services to local and foreign customers, we have obtained considerable experience, a long list of contacts and a thorough understanding of the tiniest details of the field.


    For us it is important not only to find the most appropriate solution for each customer, but also to provide the necessary protection for safe business performance. It is not only a handshake. It includes everything, starting with the first phone call and ending with a stamp and signature.


    This is where a buyer and a seller, a tenant and a renter meet, in order to sign an agreement that is

    mutually most beneficial.

  • Ko mēs piedāvājam?
    Buying and selling real estate   Business monitoring
    Renting real estate   Consultations in real estate
    Managing real estate   Residency permits for non-residents
  • Mūsu mērķi
    In real estate business we consider it important to enhance such values as loyalty, accuracy and customer protection.
    Experience gained through long-term cooperation has developed our understanding of the customer’s taste, requirements and possibilities.
    To achieve the results of an accurate marketing strategy – your home from the best perspective.